About Cloud Nine Dry Cleaner

Welcome to Cloud Nine Dry Cleaner: a whole new experience for you and your valuable clothing and household items.

Our garment care business has a customer base built on excellence in garment care and customer service excellence.

In 2006, we decided that we could offer much more to our customers by embracing 21st-century technology to deliver greater levels of service and at the same time clean up our act to save our environment for future generations.

In recognition of the busy lifestyles and long working hours which present-day life delivers, the Red Box was the answer. Drop-off and pick-up out of hours to avoid traffic, because you forgot, or simply because you can!

Two new dry cleaning machines were purchased. The first a replacement using the solvent [P] as on care labels, and the second using the solvent [H] or [F] as on care labels. The second investment gave us the ability to clean delicate garments which are heavily beaded and embellished, such as wedding gowns and ball gowns.

The third investment was a professional wet-cleaning system using the product Aquatex. This gave us further flexibility with our cleaning products so that now we have all the bases covered.