Damaged Clothing & Washing Machines

How clothing gets damaged in a washing machine

The washing machine is one of life’s great inventions. We may take it for granted, but without it, we’d all still be washing our clothes by hand or walking around smelling pretty bad. So a washing machine is the ultimate convenience, except for one small problem – they can damage your clothes and often do. We researched some solutions and came up some surprising results. Here are a few reasons why your clothes get damaged, and how you can prevent this in the future.

The good or bad news, depending on how you look at it, is that most damage is caused by human error and not a faulty machine. So, before you call out your technician to fix a problem that does not exist, try these basic fixes.

Don’t overload the machine

A basic point, but one that many people ignore. When the washing piles up and your kids require their school, sports or going out clothes, there is sometimes no other option but to stuff the machine as full as possible to get as much washing done in one go as you can.

Bad idea. Not only will your clothes not wash properly if your machine is over filled, but they can also get damaged quite easily.

Watch those bras

No, not in a creepy way, but when it comes to machine washing clothes, a bra underwire can cause untold damage. If the underwire is sticking out, then leave the item out the machine and hand wash, you will save yourself a lot of damaged clothes.

Read the labels

Many items of clothing come with simple instructions, which reads, “Do not machine wash”. This is true with bathing costumes and other delicates that can’t survive the rigours of a machine wash. Pay attention to the labels and save your clothes.

Check the settings

You don’t always have to use the strongest washing cycle on the machine. In fact, using a gentle cycle will save your clothes much wear and tear over their lifespan.

Zips, buckles and Velcro

These items can all cause damage to your other clothes, so try cover any zips or buckles if possible or don’t put them in the same load as your more delicate washing. Make sure all Velcro is closed, otherwise it can catch on other clothing items.

Inside out

Most of us default by putting clothes in the washer the right way round. But did you know, that by turning all clothes inside out before putting them in the machine, you will save a lot of wear and tear, with the inside of your clothing taking the brunt of the cycle.

Use the right detergent

There so many washing up substances on the market that it’s difficult to choose the right one. But the higher the quality of your detergent, the less likely it will be harmful to your clothes. Choose a strong acting but gentle washing-up substance; research online before buying.

Wash with cold water

Hot water can shrink and damage clothes, so always use cold water for your washing.

Don’t overuse the tumble dryer

Only use the tumble dryer for hardy items like jeans and gym clothes. But anything that is susceptible to high temperatures can easily get ruined by tumble drying.

When all else fails, contact Perth’s dry cleaning specialists and leave it all to the experts. Your clothes will thank you by looking better and lasting longer.