Keep getting the best out of your clothes

6 effective hints for keeping them in their best condition

Isn’t it funny how the clothes we cherish the most, also seem to be the ones that don’t last? Frustrating but true. With time, our most fashionable clothes begin to fade, acquire mustiness, an off-putting smell of sweat, and a collection of stains that tell a story of regrettable mishaps. It’s a painfully familiar tale but it doesn’t have to be that way – your favourite outfit can last that much longer if you take the right care.

A wealth of experience with wardrobes from all walks of life has taught us a thing or two about keeping clothes in good condition. Take note of theses hints and tips and prolong the best years of your wardrobe’s life.

Follow the instructions

This is simple yet too often forgotten. When designers come up with your favourite clothes, a lot of planning and care is taken into consideration. The labels on your clothes aren’t for decoration; they are guidelines to making sure your clothes go the distance and look good for as long as possible. The care label will tell you the best way to wash each item of clothing, from temperature to cycle speed, so read them before washing your clothes.

Wash inside out

Agitation and wear will happen. It is unavoidable, even during the process of washing, except it’s much better to have it happen on the inside of your garments. Washing your clothes inside out ensures the inside bears the brunt of the washing process and preserves the vibrant colours of your clothes.

Play it cool

This is the only exception to the rule of following instructions. The label may advise otherwise, however, washing with cold water will go a long way to protecting your clothing’s bright colours. Higher temperatures increase the chances of fibres releasing precious dye into the water. This will also help prevent those infuriating colour stains that pop up on your clothes from time to time.

Less is more

This is a contentious tip, because most of us wash our clothes excessively. Refrain from washing your clothes unnecessarily and manage the frequency of your washing. Generally speaking, underwear, swimwear, vests and t-shirts should be washed after every wear, this is because they are in direct contact with the sweaty parts of your body. In the case of swimwear; chlorine will eat away at the fabric if it’s not washed out. The rest of your clothing, on the other hand, can get away with a few more wears (4-5 wears) before needing a wash. Naturally, if they get stained in any way they should be washed immediately.


We sense some raised eyebrows – and it’s justified, vinegar doesn’t have the most alluring smell. It is, however, an effective natural fabric softener that will help prevent the colours in your clothes from fading. If you are concerned about the smell, don’t worry, it disappears in the wash.

Did we mention less is more?

Time is of the essence and never more so when you’re doing something you don’t enjoy. Regardless of how tempted you may be, avoid filling the washing machine to the brim. It may save you time and even a couple of washes, but stuffing the washer will cost you your clothes. The lack of space takes a toll on the machine and your clothes. It will work harder, soap won’t be as easily distributed and your clothes won’t get cleaned properly. This might prompt you to try again, wearing out both your clothes and washer in the process. Less is more.

Keeping your clothes clean and in their best condition is what we do best. Contact Perth’s dry cleaning specialists to keep getting the best out of your clothes.