Clothing Care

Washing vs. Dry Cleaning

Which one is better for which types of clothing.

If you find yourself throwing out or giving away your clothes because they’ve shrunk or stretched after washing, then you’ve not really paid attention to how they were cleaned. So many of us cry when our favourite clothes come out of the washing machine, ruined. Maybe now is a good time to understand why dry cleaning is still considered the best way to keep certain clothing clean and in shape, while washing works for other fabrics.

Fabrics that require dry cleaning are:

  • Acetate
  • Velvet
  • Taffeta
  • Wool

They tend to cower from the adrenaline rush of the washing machine and require more TLC.


Much like a sunflower grows towards the sun, food tends to gravitate towards clothing. If this is your standard accidental pastime, then you need to seriously consider an account with the dry cleaning professionals. As much as a quick dip in water may remove the residue of blood red Napolitano sauce, it does nothing to remove the firmly embedded oily sauce that has joined the DNA of your garment’s fibres.

Dry cleaners use a powerful agent that degreases the fabric and removes oily stains. Thereafter, dry soap and solvents are used to thoroughly clean your garments. You can’t do that in a washing machine now can you?

Keep it ‘poofy’

Duvets are not like stuffed peppers; you can’t just pop down to the store for another one whenever you like. So when winter comes around, make sure you retain the warm fluffiness of the stuffing, by taking your large duvets and pillows for dry cleaning. Dry cleaners use state-of-the-art machinery, designed to take large loads that can spin easily, allowing for even distribution of the stuffing. Not only are you preparing for winter, but you are also taking care of a warm and cosy investment.


If you think about how much you dislike people pulling and stretching your clothes, then you will dislike a washing machine doing the same. Laundry is designed for certain items and does a great job on selected fabrics. However, extra delicate clothing requires a bit more TLC. Cloud Nine Dry Cleaners has the equipment to keep the shape of your clothing while thoroughly cleaning it with PCE – Perchloroethylene. Say that quickly, five times.

Dry cleaners and their services are the superheros of the linen and clothing cleaning industry because they effortlessly clean rugs, furniture covers and thick, oversized curtains, which are super heavy. It takes half the time in which you would do it, and even less with express service. Certain heavy duty fabrics need a firm hand, however, some need that  gentle touch.

When washing is best

As mentioned before, there are several types of fabrics that do well with straightforward washing.

  • Cashmere – should ideally be hand washed
  • Polyester – cold wash in washing machine; this fabric retains its shape easily
  • Cotton, linen and acrylic
  • Nylon – hand wash
  • Silk – this can be hand washed or dry cleaned. We suggest dry cleaning, for longevity

There are several ways to ensure your clothing lasts longer. You don’t want to be left with the basic items because you’ve had to get rid of half your closet. Dry cleaners are the agony aunts of many a saddened client, bringing their wine-stained table cloths for rescue.

Become part of the ‘well-maintained clothing community’ by using Cloud Nine Dry Cleaners – the prevention to ruined garments. They’re here to help you avoid the sadness that comes with ruined clothing.

Contact Cloud Nine Dry Cleaners today, we offer commercial and home laundry services, express services and all round clean service.