Cloud 9 Express

By filling out your personal details either in the store or on line at, you give yourself access to Cloud 9’s VIP club. As a Cloud 9 Express member you will be able to use the quick drop-off point located in the store for drop-off during normal opening times and will receive regular updates on special promotions.

On your birthday you will receive a birthday gift of a Cloud 9 Gift Voucher. These vouchers range in value from $5 to $25 and are redeemable on any Cloud 9 goods and services. Cloud 9 Gift Vouchers can also be purchased for your friends whose clothes or household items are in need of special pampering at Cloud 9 day spa for your clothes.

As a Cloud 9 Express member you will receive a Cloud 9 Garment Bag. The bag is a convenient way to keep your pre-cleaned clothing items together at home and serves both as a laundry bag for dropping off your clothes and as a garment cover for those garments which have been cleaned. The Cloud 9 Garment Bag is one of the ways in which we aim to help our environment by reducing the use of plastic wrapping on your clothing.

Cloud 9 Express membership is a one-off $15 fee. Garment bag replacement costs $15.