Get those uniforms selling great.

Whether you run a large hotel with more than 100 rooms, or a uniformed service of any description, you need commercial laundry services in Perth that will ensure all your restaurant laundry and uniforms are left smelling and looking great.

Cloud Nine Dry Cleaner uses state-of-the-art technology to make sure we provide you with excellent corporate dry cleaning services. Contact us for all your commercial laundry needs.

We have all the equipment and commercial dry cleaning know-how to perform a range of commercial laundry services. From firefighter and police uniforms, hotel linen, medical facilities and guesthouses, to sports and corporate uniforms, we clean it all. This means you can safely outsource the dirtiest part of your business to us. We will pick it up and drop it off, leaving you with a regular supply of clean and fresh smelling linen, and /or uniforms for your business.

Linen cleaning service

We clean all your commercial linen and uniforms, iron and fold them. Meaning you receive a complete finished product ready to use. When washing your linen, we use a special detergent that contains bactericide, which sanitises as it cleans and leaves a pleasant citrus fragrance. In addition, we use an environmentally friendly cleaning product called Aquatex, which is water based, meaning that all garments and linen are cleaned without any toxic chemicals.

As commercial dry cleaners, we service a variety of industries including:

  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Spas & salons
  • Healthcare
  • Corporate
  • Sports teams
  • Correctional facilities

Why choose Cloud Nine?

At Cloud Nine Dry Cleaner, we use the latest equipment, with the ability to service large quantities of laundry. This, combined with our industry knowledge, technical expertise and dedication to each job, ensures an excellent result very time. Dealing with bulk laundry can be tricky but we have systems in place and the right people to ensure you receive your laundry back clean, fresh and ready to use.

It’s a known fact that if you look after your clothes or linen properly they will last longer and look better. We do our utmost to provide a thorough cleaning service while still taking care to be gentle to your linen and clothes. We use no toxic chemicals, and use detergents that will clear all your linen from any dust mites or allergens.

We service the Perth Metro, greater Perth area and the western suburbs; we also offer a 24-hour Red Box pick-up and drop-off service for your convenience.

Contact us for a quote on the biggest or smallest commercial laundry jobs.