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$65 / Linear Metre


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Curtains that smell like Spring

Curtain cleaning is laborious, time-consuming and not the most exciting cleaning task, but constant exposure to the sunlight, temperatures and possibly dampness could attract mould, dust and dirt. Rather than struggle or put off the task, find a reputable curtain cleaning service in Perth that will ensure your drapes are looking good as new.

Cloud Nine Dry Cleaner are the trusted and recommended dry cleaning professionals. Since 2006, we have offered Perth dry cleaning services that leaves the fabric looking and feeling great; all at an affordable rate. Contact us today.

Revolutionising your laundry and dry cleaning experience

To make sure we do a thorough cleaning job, we use the eco-friendly Aquatex method. Known as the eco-friendly dry cleaning method, it’s ideal for all garments and textiles including leather and suede. The perfect solution for clients with allergies and sensitive skin thanks to the combination of eco-detergents. Aquatex is a wet cleaning method that uses water as its cleaning medium, eliminating shrinkage and felting of fabrics.

How to clean curtains

Washing curtains can be tricky, especially when you are attempting to do it yourself. Half the work is removing the curtains from its railing and removing the hooks or sliding off the eyelets. Then measuring out detergents for each load, hanging them out do dry, ironing each curtain and rehanging.

Let us save you time and cut out these tedious steps. Simple remove your curtains and the attachments and drop them off at our premises.

Curtain dry cleaning should be undertaken with the utmost care. Whether your curtains are made from stiff fabrics like cotton, or dainty fabrics like woven lace, we have the expertise to clean them meticulously and without damage. We specialise in cleaning all types of curtains, sheer, unlined and lined, with a unique cleaning method.

We often forget that our curtains also need to be cleaned with the same care as our everyday clothes. Curtains accumulate a lot of dirt and dust due to matter coming in through the open windows and the amount of movement inside.

A good shake off is recommended regularly to prevent dust from sticking. When the dirt level of curtains increases, so does the amount of unhealthy air within your home. Opening your windows for fresh air will be of no use if it passes through dirty curtains; the dust will just be redistributed into your home.

Curtain mould remover

Cleaning mould off curtains will need something a little more than a good shake. Dry cleaning your curtains will not only keep them looking clean but will have a direct impact on your health, allowing you and your family to breathe clean air easier.

Why use our curtain cleaning service?

You can keep your home clean and healthy, and do half the work with the help of Cloud Nine. We are the most efficient solution to all your dry-cleaning requirements.

Contact Cloud Nine Dry Cleaner for all your laundry and dry cleaning requirements.

Remove and Re-Install

Please note, a small additional fee applies. Please contact us for more information.