Shirt ironing services

When you dress for success, you always want to look your best. To achieve this, you need your clothes to look clean, pressed and sharp all the time, no matter what. The problem is you can’t achieve this by cleaning suits and dress shirts yourself. The solution is Cloud Nine Dry Cleaner, the company that takes dry cleaning shirts and suits to the next level, leaving you looking the way you want to.

When it comes to men’s business shirts, we offer a professional dry cleaning service that you can rely on every time. Even better, no need to worry about ironing or drying your clothes, when you collect them, they are ready to wear. In this day and age, nobody’s got the time or inclination to iron their clothes, except us of course. Whether you are a high-flying businessman, a PA to a CEO, or a casual but smart man-about-town, you’ll love our shirt ironing service, especially once you realise you’ll never have to iron again.

Bring us your suits, your socks, your shirts and any other item of clothing you wish. If you’re wondering how much it is to dry clean a suit, contact us for a quote. Our professional suit dry cleaning and ironing services will take care of all your laundry requirements. Leave it with us and pick it up at your convenience, ready to wear.

We use a system, which make use of an environmentally friendly cleaning product called Aquatex, which is water based, meaning no toxic chemicals are used to clean your clothes.

We also employ a free 24-hour Red Box service, allowing you to pick up or drop off your garments whenever you want, clean and convenient.

At Cloud Nine Dry Cleaner, the day spa for your clothes, we want you to look good in whatever you wear, that’s why we make sure everything is cleaned, ironed and folded, just the way you like it. We also strive to keep our prices affordable, which ensures that you’ll keep returning.

Leave your shirts with us for their spa treatment for a low price of $5.50 per shirt for five shirts or more ($27.50 for 5 shirts). All shirts are washed and pressed, collars and cuffs treated for stains, hung and bagged in biodegradable plastic. Dry clean only shirts are priced at $10 each.

Want your shirts packaged for your business meeting overseas or interstate?

Why not try the Cloud Nine Shirt travel pack? $7.50 per shirt.

  • Shirts washed and pressed
  • Collars and cuffs treated for stains
  • Shirt folded with collar reinforced and packed in acid free tissue

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* Please point out any stains other than on collars and cuffs so that they can be treated before cleaning. Untreated stains may become permanent if not treated properly.

Our detergent contains a bactericide that sanitises as it cleans and leaves a pleasant citrus fragrance. We promise a same day turnaround for drop-offs before 11am, and don’t forget we also offer a 24-hour pickup and drop-off service, meaning at any time of the day or night, whether we are open or not, you can drop off or collect your dry cleaning.


The most professional shirt ironing service in Perth. Once your clothes have been ironed by us you’ll never iron again.

Suit dry cleaning

Look slick and professional at all times with our suit dry cleaning service, because nothing stands out more than a clean and classy suit.

Contact us to sort out all your shirts and suits, fast, efficiently and effectively.