A revolutionary drop-off and pick-up point which allows 24 hour, 365 day per year access to your clothing. It looks and operates like a bank ATM. It has a touch screen, a credit card slot, a drawer for deposit and a dispatch point for collection of your garments.

How does it work? The Red Box is connected to a computerised conveyor. The conveyor has hundreds of notches in which your finished garments hang. Each notch is numbered. When your order has been cleaned and finished, it is scanned and matched to a specific notch or location on the conveyor. When you sign in on the touch screen, the computer recognises you by your telephone number and pin code and delivers your order to the collection point.

When you sign in as a customer for the first time, simply follow the instructions on screen. Your telephone number becomes your access number and last four digits of your phone number will become your pin number. Using your mobile number will enable the system to send you an SMS when your order is ready.

You can choose to pay on drop-off by swiping our credit card. If you choose the prepayment option, you will be able to retrieve your garments at the Red Box 24/7. If you choose the pay later option, you will be selecting to pick up in store during regular working hours.

Your credit card will be read and it’s details stored securely. (You need only to swipe your card once. When your card expires, or you change your card number, please contact a member of staff to up-date your details.) Your card will be charged by the Cloud 9 operator when your garments are processed. All cards accepted except Diners.

The Red Box offers total flexibility for today’s busy lifestyles. Imagine leaving work at 6pm on Friday and realising that you forgot to pick up your favourite suit or dress for dinner that night. Not a problem at Cloud 9 dry cleaners. With Cloud 9’s Red Box, you can drop-off and pick-up any time to suit your busy schedule.