Make sure your dress looks as good as new

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life; a day of memories you will cherish forever. Whether you’ve purchased or hired a wedding dress, it’s vital to have it cleaned, to help retain its beauty. Find the right wedding dress dry cleaners in Perth and ensure your dress looks as good as new.

Cloud Nine Dry Cleaner has many years’ experience cleaning and spotting delicate fabrics, beadings and trims. Our expertise in identifying the correct cleaning techniques for your gown sets us apart from other cleaners. For more information about our wedding dress preservation services, contact us today.

Dry cleaning your wedding dress

Our wedding gown cleaning process is customised to suit the individual needs of each bridal gown dry cleaning job.

We take the following factors into account:

  • The fabric of your gown
  • Decorations like beading, flowers, brooches, trims
  • Stains like wine, perspiration, or water based marks

Does your gown require professional wet cleaning?

With all the strain your dress takes on the big day, it’s imperative that you have it professionally cleaned. A wedding gown is not something you can just throw into a washing machine. Trust us to look after your gown and clean it immaculately.

We have the expertise to work around a variety of beads such as sequins, crystals, pearls or precious stones, and embroidery. We have perfected this art over many years in the industry and we highly recommend that only professionals undertake a job like this. The last thing you want is to get through your wedding with not one bead out of place, only to have the dry-cleaning company mess up the beadwork. Bring your wedding gown to us and let us look after it the way you did.

wedding dress cleaning in Perth

We clean all types of wedding dresses whether it’s made from delicate Chantilly lace or soft vintage silk. We use different methods when cleaning different wedding gowns; and we use appropriate detergents to ensure we do not damage any fabric.

Besides the cleaning, we also hand press all wedding gowns. From sleek, straight chiffon gowns to full tulle ball gowns, we have a specially trained team who can iron creases out of every layer. We always take special care with the beading, embroidery and corsetry, so you can rest assured that your dress will be in the same condition as it was when you wore it on your special day.

Contact Cloud Nine Dry Cleaner for all your laundry and dry cleaning requirements.

Straight Gowns

Straight Gowns with little or no train.

Prices Starting From $300

Full Gowns

The traditional full gown with a larger train.

Prices Starting From $450

A-Line Gowns

A-Line Gowns with a small train.

Prices Starting From $350

Extra Full Gowns

Extra full, eloborate multi layer skirt with a longer train.

Prices Starting From $550

Cleaning Steps to Ensure High Quality!

1. Inspection

After inspecting your wedding gown we will provide you with a detailed report outlining the cleaning process and condition of the gown. We’ll also outline any areas of risk or areas where we believe 100% stain removal is not possible. Only after we explain the process and the techniques required do we proceed with cleaning the gown.

2. Hand Pre Spotting

Where required, individual areas will be hand treated prior to cleaning to prevent material damage, discolouration or stains setting in.

3. Cleaning

All wedding gowns are then hand treated and hand dry-cleaned with methods tailored to each individual gowns characteristics. Where material allows, gowns will be professionally wet-cleaned (Aquatex) to prevent future ageing and oxidation of water based stains.

4. Post Cleaning Treatment

After cleaning all wedding gowns are re-inspected and meticulously hand spotted.

5. Hand Pressing

All Gowns are then expertly hand pressed.

6. Final Inspection

After Pressing all gowns receive a complete final inspection. If we are not completely satisfied any or all of the previous steps will be repeated until we’re 100% sure the best possible results have been achieved.